Clean Technology

The introduction of Clean Technology can result in reductions of amounts and types of raw materials used thus lowering costs, also helping to improve the image of that organisation. 

‘The leather industry is adopting Clean Technology without capital investment.  New tanning processes result in 95 – 98 % of waste chromium being reused, whereas previously up to 40% was discharged into waste waters’.  DOE Clean Technology (1989).

Clean Technology has a part to play in the establishment of a baseline as does Life Cycle Assessment. It also identifies possibilities to redesign products and processes with a view to reducing environmental impacts. These may include raw materials, recycled raw materials, reduction in energy consumption, use of renewable energy, less packaging, and the use of recyclable materials.  This helps to fulfil the EMS (ISO 14001) objectives of continuous improvement.

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Effective environmental management systems enhance your business, your reputation and your profit.
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