Environmental Risk Management

Environmental Risk Management is a good tool for identifying and prioritising the significance of impacts and can be used to lead on to the development of an Environmental Management System. 

It is likely that avoidance of non-compliance will be seen as the most obvious use of Risk Management. However, Risk Management has a role to play in assessing the significance of the environmental aspects of a business. Risk Assessment is used in identifying possible extreme conditions.

'‘Manifestation of a risk requires an event, and a pathway for transport, and a receptor which could be harmed at the exposure point.  In essence risk assessment provides a structured approach for ascertaining the nature and extent of the relationship between cause and effect’. Petts and Eduljee (1994). 

Monitoring plays a central role in environmental risk assessment and management and is undertaken to gain information about aspects of an intention before it starts, during its lifetime and after its completion. Risk Management uses that information.

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Effective environmental management systems enhance your business, your reputation and your profit.
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