Energy Management

Existing technologies for energy efficiency are not yet fully exploited. Adopting these technologies and new technology developments is important to companies of all sizes.

Adopting an Energy Management (EM) programme can save a company money while helping to conserve energy resources.

 ‘Energy conservation desirable and energy management an economic imperative’. Henry, H et al (1986).

The benefits of Energy Management can be seen in at least two ways: cost savings and reduction in demand for fossil fuels. 

Commitment to an energy plan will include continuous environmental improvement; the Energy Management cycle has many similarities to the Environmental Management System cycle and can be seen as an Environmental Management System just for energy. Thus, the commitment of staff at all levels that is required for the implementation of an Energy Management plan will lead to personnel being in place to make the introduction of an effective Environmental Management System throughout the company an easier process.

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Effective environmental management systems enhance your business, your reputation and your profit.
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